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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Postal/Sorting Assistant Exam 2009: English and Mathematics Questions


(This question is as per old pattern and now the pattern has been revised
 with 25 questions from each section).

                                                        PART 1 – ENGLISH
( Select the most appropriate word/set of words)
1. The word most nearly opposite in meaning to Valor
a.  admonition               b.  Injustice               
 c.  Cowardice               d .  Generosity

2.  The word most nearly similar in meaning to tentative
a.   Prevalent                 b.  Portable              
c.  Making                     d. Experimental

3.  The pair whose relationship is most  like  the relationship expressed
 in the pair  beggar: beg
a. Medium- Advise                b.  Mediator: Disagree
c.  Mercenary : Demand        d. Mentor : Guide

Fill in the Blanks   (Question 4-10 )
4.  We list confidence in him because he never ------------------his promise.
5.   Her true feelings  --------------- themselves in her sarcastic asides; only then    
    was her ------------- revealed
6.  Technically glass is a mineral and ---------------
a. Water so                   b. water is so                  c. so is water   d. so water is
7.  Rajasthan   --------------- a very climate
      a. has                             b. being                 d. having                  d. with
     8.   One of   the  least effective ways of storing information is leaning
     a. how repeat                b.  repeating               c. to repeat     d. repeat
     9.  Many modern architects insist on------------------ materials native to the
 region that will blend in to surroundings landscape .
a. use                               b.  to use                c. the use                             d . using
10.   By the  time a baby has reached its first birthday , he should , without the 
help of  an adult ----------------- sit up or even stand up.
a. to be able                              b. able to              c. to be able               d. be able to

11.       A jar contains 10 red marbles and 30 green Ones. How many red marbles
 must   be added to the jar so that 60 % of the marbles will be red?
a. 25                   b. 30                 c. 35                           d. 40
12.    Driving at 48 miles per hour, how many minutes will take to drive 32miles.
  a. 23       b 32                               c.  40                               d.45                                                                             
13.    If  a = 9*8321 and b=9*7321 what is the value of a –
a. 8000                              b. 9000                  c. 7000              d. 6000
14.    From 1989 to 1990, the number of applicants to a college increased 15 % to 
   5000. How many applications were there in 1989?
   a. 759                b. 4301                c. 4400                d. 5819
15.   Find two numbers whose sum is 27 and product is 182
  a. 11, 12              b. 12, 13              c. 13, 14              d. 14, 15
16.   How many three- digit numbers are divisible by 7 ?
    a. 108               b. 118.              c. 128                            d.138
17    Liz is now twice as old as Jose but 6 years ago she was 5 times as old as he
 was.       How old Liz now?
   a. 10                b.16                c. 20                 d.  24
18.    What is the sum of the product and quotient of 8 and 8 ?
a. 62                b. 63                c. 64                d . 65
19. Liz  solved   24  Maths problems in 15 minutes.  At this rate, how many problems
 can she solve in 40 minutes?
a.      25                             b. 64                             c. 40                                d. 48
20.    If the average (arithmetic mean) of 25,31 and x is 37 what is the value of  x?

a.      .31                             b.37                              c. 43                             d. 55

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